Mission DVDs

callmissionDV 352: A CALL TO MISSION
You may call it “Mission,” or “calling,” “vocation,” or “purpose,” it all boils down to serving people according to Gospel principles.  Traditionally, we picture priests or nuns doing “Mission” in foreign lands, but that’s not the only way it’s done.  This DVD shows foreign and domestic missions being done by lay people as well as religious.  There are many needs, and many ways to do mission, it’s limited only by your imagination.  Watch this to begin Mission Sunday discussions, Confirmation preparations, vocations programs or jsut to get some ideas about how you can help build the kingdom!    21 minutes in length for Junior High, Senior High, Adults

The toughest missionary task in the world today is communicating the faith to our own children. Secular culture, with its many distractions, has some particular resistances to the Gospel even as it contains much that is moral..  Is secular culture post-Christian?  How much is our culture a culture of life and how much is it a culture of death?  How do we become missionaries inside of secular culture, missionaries to our own children?  Rev. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI takes you on a journey of discovery through history and scripture to shed light on our culture and the challenge we face passing faith onto future generations.  DVD is in 3 parts for a total of 170 minutes.  Adult audience

To reserve DVDs contact sidneymediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org


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