Great Gospel Resource!

The Four Gospels from Little Rock Scripture Study (800-858-5434) is full of aides for the study of the Gospels.  Along with the text and a myriad of footnotes, there are charts of the coinage of the time, the Marys in the gospels, the twleve apostles, the Kings of Israel, The Roman Emperors, geneologies, the multiplication of the loaves (6 passages) and the Sunday Readings for the three year cycle.  Highligthed comments include biographies, summaries, maps, photos and interesting tidbits or definitions. 

This book would make a wonderful addition to any catechist’s library.  Check it out at the Sidney Media Library.  Call 937-498-1192 to reserve it for pick up.


U.S. Bishops meet

The United States bishops’ met this week.

They approved a new pastoral letter on marriage.

They also approved the remaining pieces of the Roman Missal which now will be sent to Rome for recognitio.  Implementations will follow about a year later.

Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Check out this e-zine from the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for events and information.


What Can Catholics Learn from Evangelicals?

Increasing numbers of Catholics join the ranks of Evangelicals. Why?haterbook

Evangelical churches capture what many Catholic parishes miss, namely that people are not converted primarily by doctrine, but by hearing God’s Word in a loving, supportive atmosphere.

The primary goal of this book is not to critique fundamentalism and evangelical movements, but to learn from their success as they draw members from non-practicing people, Catholic and mainline Protestant denominations. You may be amazed at what we share in common. After examining the history of Protestant and Catholic fundamentalist tendencies, it can be seen that similarities between the two spring from a twofold basis, namely: common beliefs and a need for a source of authority.

To order the book, go to

Robert J. Hater, Published by Visual Dynamics Publishing, 2009. Increasing numbers of Catholics join the ranks of Evangelicals