New Online Catholic Bible Search Engine in English and Spanish

A new online Catholic Bible search engine, which enables people to find specific Scripture passages using keywords, was launched last week. The press release noted that this is the first complete Catholic Bible made available for keyword search. It added that an English and Spanish Bible, both translations approved by the Vatican, are being offered for searching through the program.

The search engine allows users to share Bible passages with their blogs, with Facebook and Twitter, and with other social media Web sites. It also allows people to add a search widget to their own personal Web page.

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Catechetical Sunday

This year Catechetical Sunday is September 19 and the Catechetical Sunday theme is “Matrimony: Sacrament of Enduring Love.” Materials for Catechetical Sunday 2010 are now available online at Among the online materials, parishes participating in Catechetical Sunday can find prayer resources, art, catechist commissioning materials, plans for a catechist in-service, and an array of materials for teachers, pastors, catechists and others working with couples preparing for marriage.
Also included are a plan for a family and intergenerational retreat on Christian marriage, articles on Church teaching on various aspects of marriage, and resources for adult faith formation. Materials are provided in English and Spanish.

The Lord’s Prayer – DV 384

We’ve all memorized the Lord’s Prayer.  But did you really learn it?  Sometimes we take its timeless words for granted.  We don’t pay attention to what we’re saying to God.  It becomes more ritual than real.  Find out what happens when you were expecting to leave a voice mail message and God personally answers that call.  With God it’s never too late to make a good impression.

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New DVDs

DV 386
The Last Appeal
The Life of Faustina the Apostle of Divine Mercy

This is the story of a peasant girl chosen to bring the message of Mercy to mankind in preparation for The Last Day – The Day of Judgment.  The drama unfolds through the revelations and visions of God to Helen Kowalska.  The story of Helen vividly brings to light the struggles she went through in the process of delivering the message through the humble life of a nun in a convent in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century.

DV 388
“On Blessings”

In this all-new program taped before a live audience, Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI talks about blessings in a whole new way; the focus is not how to get them, or count them, but how to give them.  Specifically, he says that the young “hunger for the father’s blessing,” and that older people must, “feed the young.”  In his warm and engaging style, Fr. Rolheiser tells us why we should offer blessings and support to those younger than ourselves, how to do it, and about the rewards for those giving and receiving blessings.

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Workshop Kit for Parish/Liturgical Leaders

We have a copy of the kit published by the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions to help parishes introduce the information about the Roman Missal, third edition,  and its English translation.

Included in the kit are a glossary of terms, paraticipant handouts, a thirty  minute DVD by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, chair of the Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship, PowerPoint presentations a leader’s guide that provides backgournd information for the handouts and presentations.

There are four parts which translates into four sessions.

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