Catechetical Sunday

This year Catechetical Sunday is September 19 and the Catechetical Sunday theme is “Matrimony: Sacrament of Enduring Love.” Materials for Catechetical Sunday 2010 are now available online at Among the online materials, parishes participating in Catechetical Sunday can find prayer resources, art, catechist commissioning materials, plans for a catechist in-service, and an array of materials for teachers, pastors, catechists and others working with couples preparing for marriage.
Also included are a plan for a family and intergenerational retreat on Christian marriage, articles on Church teaching on various aspects of marriage, and resources for adult faith formation. Materials are provided in English and Spanish.



  1. DANNY Says:

    How many Parish Catechetical Leaders does a parish have?
    I know they have catechetical leaders that help do different things, doesn’t the Parish Catechetical Leader usually see over and help the others?

    • Archdiocese of Cincinnati Sidney Media Center Says:

      There are different levels of catechetical leadership and you are right that a parish may have several overseeing specific aspects of religious education.

      A parish could have a Director of Religious Education who oversees the total religious education efforts. Under him or her could be a leader responsibile for early childhood, one for elementary, another for junior high and/or high school, another for adult faith formation, another for sacrament preparation and another for RCIA.

      In some cases, there is no Director of Religous Education and each of the other leaders report to the Pastor.

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