DVDs Available in the Media Center

DV 0399
(Maryknoll Society)

The  fourteen minute segments introduces the lives, hopes and struggles of children around the world.  These short videos explore the cultures and concerns of boys and girls worlds away . . . and yet so very much like us.  Perfect for viewing in a single class period, these eye-opening films can be used for social studies, geography and religion courses from middle through high school.  Episodes are in both English and Spanish; study guides are included.  Episodes include: Mexico, Navajo Reservation, Chehalis Reserve, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Cuba, Haiti, South Africa, Guatamala, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil, Egypt, Tanzania, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

DV 0400
(National Geographic)

This DVD describes human prenatal development through all 38 weeks of pregnancy, emphasizing the first trimester developmental period when all body systems and more than 90 percent of body parts emerge and begin to function.  This science documentary features rare imagery of the living human embryo and fetus.  It combines facts gleaned from the medical literature with images produced from six different medical-imaging technologies.  This visually complelling DVD provides an overview of key features of human embryonic development and contains video sequences of human embryos combined with helpful animations and narration.  There is a PDF text of the program included in English, Spanish and French.  The DVD includes Spanish or French subtitles.

For more information on DVDs available go to www.catholiccincinnati.org/oec, click on Media Center or email sidneymediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org.


Awakening Vocation: A theology of Christian Call

Awakening Vocation: A Theology of Christian CallEdward P. Hahnenberg, Liturgical Press, 2010.

A review from Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Awakening-Vocation-Theology-Christian-Call/dp/0814653898/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281722114&sr=1-1

A review from Liturgical Press:  http://www.litpress.org/Detail.aspx?ISBN=9780814653890

Edward Hahnenberg is an associate professor of theology at Xavier University in Cincinnati.   In this book, he explores the historical meaning of vocation and leads each of us to ask the question:  What is my uniques way of responding to God’s loving call?


Preparing Your Pairsh for the Revised Roman Missal from the editors of “Pastoral Liturgy” gives a preparation timeline, sample homily and pastoral letter, financial considerations and how to comunicate the changes in the liturgy to the parish.

Understanding the Revised Mass Texts (Participants and Leader’s Editions) includes plans for eight one-hour sessions for the parish on the changes in the various parts of the Mass using the individual Understanding the Revised Mass Texts pamphlets (See Oct. 2009 posts). 

www.revisedromanmissal.org contains resources (downloadable bulletin inserts, homilies, and commentator announdements in English and Spanish), articles, podcasts and news about the changes in the liturgy to come.