Understanding the Mass: New Resources

Understandidng the Mass:  100 Questions, 100 Answers by Mike Aquilina offers definitions (Mass, Transubstanctiation, Viaticum, Alleluia, etc.), the Biblical and Jewish roots of the Mass, the stuff of the Mass (vestments, vessels, how to recieve, the communion fast, etc.) and explains the parts of the Mass with the new Roman Missal prayers of the people.  Use the table of contents to find the answer to your question or read it straight through. 

Catholic Update Guide to The Mass from St. Anthony Messenger Press gathers the best material from thier best-selling Catholic Updates by noted authors into one small book to use with Adult Faith Formation Groups, RCIA, Sacrament Preparation Groups and Ministry Training.  The Chapters are:  What is the Mass?  Why Do We Go to Mass? and How Do We Go to Mass?

Borrow these books from the Sidney Media Center at sidneymediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org to see if they would be good additions to your prepartion for the changes in the  Roman Missal and enhanced appreciation of the Eucharist.


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