DVDs Available in the Media Center

DV 0399
(Maryknoll Society)

The  fourteen minute segments introduces the lives, hopes and struggles of children around the world.  These short videos explore the cultures and concerns of boys and girls worlds away . . . and yet so very much like us.  Perfect for viewing in a single class period, these eye-opening films can be used for social studies, geography and religion courses from middle through high school.  Episodes are in both English and Spanish; study guides are included.  Episodes include: Mexico, Navajo Reservation, Chehalis Reserve, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Cuba, Haiti, South Africa, Guatamala, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil, Egypt, Tanzania, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

DV 0400
(National Geographic)

This DVD describes human prenatal development through all 38 weeks of pregnancy, emphasizing the first trimester developmental period when all body systems and more than 90 percent of body parts emerge and begin to function.  This science documentary features rare imagery of the living human embryo and fetus.  It combines facts gleaned from the medical literature with images produced from six different medical-imaging technologies.  This visually complelling DVD provides an overview of key features of human embryonic development and contains video sequences of human embryos combined with helpful animations and narration.  There is a PDF text of the program included in English, Spanish and French.  The DVD includes Spanish or French subtitles.

For more information on DVDs available go to www.catholiccincinnati.org/oec, click on Media Center or email sidneymediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org.



New Online Catholic Bible Search Engine in English and Spanish

A new online Catholic Bible search engine, which enables people to find specific Scripture passages using keywords, was launched last week. The press release noted that this is the first complete Catholic Bible made available for keyword search. It added that an English and Spanish Bible, both translations approved by the Vatican, are being offered for searching through the program.

The search engine allows users to share Bible passages with their blogs, with Facebook and Twitter, and with other social media Web sites. It also allows people to add a search widget to their own personal Web page.

 Search at http://www.bible.catholic.net/



Catechetical Sunday

This year Catechetical Sunday is September 19 and the Catechetical Sunday theme is “Matrimony: Sacrament of Enduring Love.” Materials for Catechetical Sunday 2010 are now available online at www.usccb.org/catecheticalsunday. Among the online materials, parishes participating in Catechetical Sunday can find prayer resources, art, catechist commissioning materials, plans for a catechist in-service, and an array of materials for teachers, pastors, catechists and others working with couples preparing for marriage.
Also included are a plan for a family and intergenerational retreat on Christian marriage, articles on Church teaching on various aspects of marriage, and resources for adult faith formation. Materials are provided in English and Spanish.

Catholic Media Programing

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers the following at www.usccb.org/video . 
The “Sacraments” DVD series offers a short (3 – 4 minutes) presentation on each of the seven sacrematns.
“Daily Reflections” has a reflection on the day’s scripture readings.
“One to One” gives intervies with people sharing their faith.
“Faith Works” shows faith at work helping others.
Podcasts of the daily readings and other reflections.
English and Spanish Catholic Radio Programs.