Great People of the Bible by Saint Mary’s Press is a supplemental text for middle schoolers.  It has 25 easy-to-lead session for teaching salvation history and Bible literacy.  The student book has one page of information and one page of puzzles or activities per session.  The Catechist Guide is easy to follow for a one hour session.  Preview a copy at the Sidney Media Center.  Contact us at 937-498-1192 or



St. Mary’s Press has two new resources for Catechists,  Teachers, RCIA Catechists and Youth Ministers.  Both could be used by teens as well as adults.                                                                                                                                             

Biblical Literacy Made Easy by Brian Singer-Towns contains basic information about the Bible and some games and activities. 

Essential Guide to Biblical Life and Times by Martin C. Albl is a reference resources of alphbetical entries to help understand the culture of biblical life and times.


Stephen J. Binz, author of the Threshold Bible Study, has now written six books called Ancient-Future Bible Study for publisher Brazos Press.  This new series follows the Lectio Divina process while focusing on one person or group from the Bible.  The resources can be used individually or in a small group.  It has several reading plans with instruction for contemporary contemplative study of the Bible.

An Apostolic Exhortation from Pope Benedict XVI on the Scriptures

Pope Benedict has written an apostolic exhortation, Verbum Domini (The Word of the Lord), that offers his reflections on the conclusions of the 2008 world Synod of Bishops whose theme was “The Word of God in the Life and the Mission of the Church.”

He emphasizes the need to improve Catholic familiarity with the Bible and the need to read and understand the Bible in harmony with the church.   He asks for greater efforts “to teach Catholics about the Bible, to help them learn to read it and pray with it, to treat it with great dignity during the liturgy and emphasize the importance by making sure homilies are based on the day’s readings.” 

There is a section in the exhortation that reiterates the Church’s position on bibilcal interpretation.  There is a section on the fundamentalist interpretation of sacred scripture.  There is a section on the literal sense and spiritual sense of interpretation.  There is a section the biblical dimension of catechesis that draws on the guidelines in the General Directoryfor Catechesis.

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