Thy Kingdom Connected

Product DetailsWhat the Church can Learn from Facebook, the Internet and Other Networks

by Dwight J. Friesen, Baker Books, 2009.

This is achallenging read! 

The forward is titled “Let There Be Links”  We are created to be linked to God.  We cannot choose to “delink” from God.  We can delink from everyone else and make ourselves the center of the universe.  He call this the “Youniverse”.

There is a chapter on how to lead connectively.  Here are two questions he asks of leaders:  What might it look like for your faith community to begin thinking of itself as a resource center whose primary goal is to develop relationshipw with those people you’re connected with?  What might it look like to reorient your energies around connecting them with the very best resources at your disposal in order to help them thrive in their area(s) of passion?

Relationships are very important.  Our network is forever becoming what it is called to be.  Ffriessen uses the Trinity as the paramount relationship of the “I and It, ‘ the “I and You”, and the “we”.  His theology of the Trinity is a model for how we relate to the things and people around us and how we enter into relatonship with God.

From “Friesen inspires hope for a more connective vision of life with God. He shows those involved in ministry how they can maximize already existing connections between people in order to spread the Gospel, get people plugged in at their churches, and grow together as disciples.”

Each chapter has discussion questions that groups can use to explore their own relational networks.

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